Hey You, You're Awesome! Pass It On!

Project Positive is a youth driven movement promoting positivity online and off. We all have the power to make someone’s day brighter! One person at a time, we can play our part and connect our efforts to make a real difference.

Our aim is a much more positive and safer internet for generations of internet users so that they can use the power of the internet to learn, play, meet, create, and make use of the amazing things the internet has to offer without having to worry about negativity.

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Get Involved!

National Compliments Day - February 9th
Share any of our compliments (or even some of your own) from the shared Facebook album.

  • Then share them across your social media using
  • #projectpositivenz
  • #nationalcomplimentsday
  • #SID2016
  • or tag @ProjectPositiveNZ on Facebook

Chain of Positivity
Visit www.chainofpositivity.org to create a paper chain to represent, like links in a chain, that we all play a part in creating a safe and happy environment.
Help us get the chain to travel from Christchurch to Wellington on the map.
You can check on progress and see how you have played your part!

21 Days of Kindness Challenge
Research tells us that it takes 21 days to form a habit, for changes to become part of your daily routine.
Take part in our 21 Days of Kindness Challenge on Instagram or on Twitter to make kindness, gratitude and appreciation a habit and part of every day.

Get Your School Involved
We have some fantastic resources uploaded on Network 4 Learning’s Pond.
This includes activities, games, resources and lesson ideas that work with younger and older students.

Got Any Other Ideas?
We would love to hear from you! Message us on Facebook or drop us an email at projectpositivenz@gmail.com with any ideas you have or activities you have used. We think you are awesome and would love to know more.


Project Positive is the creation of Tip Varnakomala, who at 17 and living in Christchurch decided that there had to be a way to promote positivity and encourage people to recognise the part they play in life online.
Tip’s website www.project-positive.org and his compliment generator were one of the national Web Rangers campaign winners in 2014 with Google being impressed with Tips take on how we can all make a difference.

In 2015, Sticks ‘n Stones were given the opportunity by Google to take the Web Rangers campaigns and build on them to be part of Safer Internet Day.
We had no hesitation in taking Tip’s original idea and getting him on board to realise his vision of a #nationalcomplimentsday and a movement across the country that could turn the happy dial to full blast for a platform of giving and receiving compliments for no better reason than it feels great!

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